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Provided at no cost to our Group Clients


CEBS Inc. has partnered with Ease to provide a powerful online enrollment portal that enables employees to securely review all of their benefit options, make their benefit elections and complete and submit enrollment forms online eliminating the need for paper enrollment forms. This greatly reduces the administrative burden on the HR manager and improves the employee’s enrollment experience.

The Ease online enrollment system documents and tracks exactly when the employee viewed the required document, so in the event of an audit from the department of labor, the employer has documentation that the documents were not only distributed but also viewed.

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Ease Employer Overview
Ease Employer Fact Sheet
Ease Streamlined Benefits Solution



  Compliance Documents

CEBS Inc. has partnered with Zywave, the nation’s leading compliance company to generate Federally and State mandated documents to keep employers in compliance when offering employee benefits. Documents such as the “Summary Plan Description” and multiple “Participant Notices”. If an employer offers benefits to employees, these documents are required and there are very substantial fines for failure to comply.

Sample: Premium Conversion Plan Description Document
Sample: Wrap Plan Document
Sample: Wrap Plan Description Document



  HR Support Center

CEBS Inc. has partnered with Mammoth HR to provide an HR Support Center that give employers all the HR resources they need at the click of a button. Includes information and resources for the entire life cycle of an employee – from hiring to firing, also including Leave of Absence as well as Diversity and Discrimination. Employers can use the Employee Handbook Wizard to generate an employee handbook in minutes, access countless Job Descriptions, HR Forms, documents and templates as well as access the HR law library and view HR Training videos. Side note – I know this is very long, please reduce as necessary.



  Secure HIPAA Compliant Email

We provide Secure HIPAA Compliant Email at no cost to the employer for all of our Group Clients.


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